Adminet Billing Software

Home Owners and Rental Billing Software

It allows you to quickly and intuitively manage the administrator’s sales and purchase invoices, process their collection and payment, and calculate and present taxes to the Tax Agency.

Adminet Billing Software allows you to:

  • Issue invoices to customers.
  • Collect direct debit receipts through electronic banking (SEPA Standard).
  • Manage the collection of the rest of the receipts by box and also by deposit into the account by scoring bank statements (Rule 43).
  • Register forecasts that allow issuing periodic invoices quickly and easily.
  • Record supplier invoices and pay them by transfer (SEPA Rule 34), by cash or by direct debit.
  • Have all invoices registered and available, both to customers and suppliers.
  • Prepare and submit to the Tax Agency forms 111, 190, 303, 390, 347 of the administrator.
  • Prepare and present the Immediate Information System (SII) of the Tax Agency.
  • Automatically receive and register electronic notifications from the Tax Agency to customers.