Adminet Home Owners Administration Software

The HOA administration software you are looking for

Designed for the administrator who wishes to distinguish himself from others for the quality of his service, obtaining greater profit without increasing the resources of his office.

Adminet HOA Administration allows you to:

  • Easily register the basic data of the communities and macro-communities.
  • Manage communities that have their own bank account together with others that work with an administrator account.
  • Prepare receipts for ordinary and extraordinary fees and send them for collection by electronic banking (SEPA standard).
  • Keep a strict track of unpaid bills and their claim.
  • Automatically post, punctuate and reconcile bank statements (Rule 43).
  • Record the invoices received and pay them by check or transfer (SEPA Standard 34).
  • Prepare budgets and generate quotas.
  • Always keep your account statement up to date.
  • Prepare the meetings with the preparation and sending via email or ordinary mail of the call and the liquidation reports and budgets.
  • Prepare the minutes based on the meeting data.
  • Manage liquidation of spills independent of the ordinary liquidation.
  • Manage consumption meters.
  • Prepare and submit forms 111, 190, 347 and 184 to the Tax Agency.
  • Carry out preventive maintenance in the community.
  • Control the maintenance, insurance and reviews of the community, with notice of expiration.
  • Automatically receive and register electronic notifications from the Tax Agency to the communities.
  • Manage digitized documents.
  • Post data to Adminet 24h web.
  • Control all tasks thanks to its link with incident management.
  • Sending communications to the communities by email, SMS or regular mail.