Adminet Incident Management Software

Incident Management Software for Home Owners and Realta Administration

Essential to control the multiple tasks that are dealt with and resolved daily and thus ensure that clients, communities and landlords perceive that they receive the best treatment and service.

Adminet Incident Management Software allows you to:

  • Manage all the incidences of the communities, landlords, clients and suppliers in an efficient way.
  • An incident is any task that needs to be resolved and that requires follow-up. Examples of incidents are: asking for a quote, repairing a breakdown, board agreements, an eviction, etc.
  • Having a Calendar and a Mail Manager allows, from the incident itself, to contact via email, mail, sms or telephone with: the co-owners, the president, industrialists, lessors, tenants, clients and office colleagues.
  • All communications are filed in the incident, as well as the responses obtained.
  • Documents such as budgets, photos, plans, etc., are also saved in the incident.
  • It also allows you to define tasks in the calendar linked to the incident.
  • An effective notification system alerts users of tasks that are out of date, to ensure that all commitments to customers are met and thus offer a quality service.