Rental Property Management Software Adminet

The comprehensive rental management software. Save time and money with Adminet.

Rental Property Management Software

Manage your rentals and tenants easily.

The Adminet rental management software is perfect for the administrator who wants the owners to feel satisfied and calm knowing that we take care of their assets

Rental Management, Landlords, Apartments and Tenants:

  • Register the files corresponding to landlords, properties and tenants.
  • Prepare rental receipts and send them by electronic banking (SEPA Standard).
  • Rental invoices, sending them to the tenants by mail or regular mail as they wish.
  • Track unpaid bills and your claim.

Administration of the accounting of your rents:

  • Automatically post, punctuate and reconcile bank statements (Norm 43).
  • Keep the record book of collections and payments by landlord.
  • Generate the fee invoice and charge it in the settlement.
  • Prepare liquidations for presentation to lessors.
  • Pay by transfer (SEPA Rule 34) the balances resulting from the settlements.
  • Carry out increases in the CPI and other concepts (services, consumption, etc).
  • Calculate the general and special proportion of VAT of the lessor, applying the one that corresponds in each case.
  • Prepare and submit forms 111, 190, 303, 390, 347 and 184 to the Tax Agency.
  • Generate the certificate for the rent of the lessors.
  • Automatically receive and register electronic notifications from the Tax Agency to lessors.

Online rental management, easy and intuitive:

  • Save digitized documents.
  • Post data to Adminet 24h Web.
  • Control all tasks thanks to its link with incident management.
  • Sending communications to landlords and tenants by email, SMS or regular mail.
Software de gestión de alquileres Adminet

Start optimizing your rental management now

Of all the rental administration programs, Adminet Rentals is one of the most effective when it comes to automating the processes of registering and unsubscribing from the rental database. You will be able to register and cancel property, tenant and landlord files, prepare rental receipts, recalculate the price of the monthly payment based on the CPI, generate fee and settlement invoices and other associated services. In addition, it is a perfect tool to prepare all the documentation for the Tax Agency when the declaration campaign opens, being able to prepare forms 111, 190, 303, 390, 347 and 184 in an easy and intuitive way. Request your demo!