Switchboard Asterisk Cloud

Virtual phone switchboard: Asterisk Cloud

Adminet is fully integrated with the Asterisk Cloud virtual telephone exchange.

Gain speed and quality of service while lowering telephony costs:

  • Upon receiving a call, Adminet identifies the customer and displays a screen with all the task and email data we have in process.
  • Before you take off, you already know who is calling and what issues you may want to address.
  • If the client wants to talk to someone else in the office, the screen is easily transferred with all the data to the partner for documentation before answering the call. In this way, the feeling of always keeping in mind the topics that the client consults is transmitted.
  • It also allows you to contact the customer simply by clicking on the phone number on the customer tab. It is no longer necessary to dial numbers manually.
  • Being in the cloud you no longer need to have a switchboard in the office.
  • It can be configured to be accessible from anywhere.

The Asterisk Cloud virtual telephone exchange allows you to hire the new services of IP operators, with much cheaper costs than traditional telephony.